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                for my work:
                Notes and Observations
                New York, NY
                by Jill Connor   Week 6  2009
                Painting: Atonement

                Chain Letter 
                Los Angeles, CA
                by Jeffrey Crussell   September 2011
                Painting: Pythia

                for the group exhibitions:

                The Los Angeles Times
                Art Review: Chain Letter at Shoshana Wayne Gallery

                by Christopher Knight   August 4, 2011

                Art 21 
                Looking at Los Angeles Curators Gone Viral:
                Chain Letter at Shoshana Wayne
                by Lily Simonson  July 28, 2011

                LA Weekly
                Chain Letter at Shoshana Wayne Gallery: Artmaggeddon

                by Carol Cheh  July 25, 2011

                24700  California Institute of the Arts
                Chain Letter: Artmaggeddon at Shoshana Wayne in Los Angeles
                by Christine N. Ziemba   August 2, 2011

                PHAIDON  New York
                Chaos in Art as Chain Letter goes on Show in Los Angeles

                The Huffington Post
                Chain Letter: A Group Exhibition Featuring Sixteen Hundred Artists
                Fact or Fiction?
                by Lisa Adams   August 31, 2011  (updated December 6, 2017)

                Building Bridges  Los Angeles
                Shoshana Wayne Gallery: Chain Letter
                by Marjan Vayghan  August 2011

                Whitehot Magazine
                Chain Letter at Shoshana Wayne Gallery
                by Megan Abrahams   August 2011

                FRIEZE Magazine London  (UK)
                First Kyiv Biennale of Contemporary Art
                by Tom Morton  Issue 149  September 1, 2012

                The Independent  (UK)
                Kiev Biennale of Contemporary Art Mystetskyi Arsenal
                by Gareth Harris  July 23, 2012

                The Telegraph  (UK)
                Arsenale 2012 Kiev Biennale Review
                by Florence Waters   May 29, 2012

                The New York Times  
                Ukranian Art World Gets Political
                by Ginanne Brownell  March 23, 2012

                Biennial Foundation Kiev Visual Culture Research Centre
                Kyiv Biennale:  The School of  Kyiv  (UKR)
                News Editor    April 10, 2012

                day.kyiv  (UKR)
                Kyiv's First International Biennale of Contemporary Art
                May 14, 2012

                domus art Magazine  (Italy)
                The Best of Times, the Worst of Times:
                Kiev Biennale of Contemporary Art
                by Maryana Greenberg    July 20, 2012

                e-flux  New York
                Arsenale 2012
                by Jenny McVean Sutton   May 14, 2012

                A Sky Filled With Shooting Stars  New York
                The Kiev Biennale: One Month Later
                by Robert Ayers   June 14, 2012

                Radio Free Europe
                Kyiv's First International Biennale of Contemporary Art


                In Your Pocket  Kyiv Arts and Events
                Mystetskyi Arsenal Ukrainian Biennale of Contemporary Art

                The Loft at Liz's Blog Archive  
                Color Pattern Material Curated by Robert Silva
                August 31, 2009

                The New York Times
                New York Region   Spotlight  Bay Shore
                Visual Meditations on Death (ABAD)
                by Steven McElroy  July 20, 2011

                The Huffington Post
                The Postcard as Literature Unbound Art Book (ABAD)
                by Pamela Poole   March 21, 2012  (updated December 6, 2017)

                Art F City  
                A Book About Death
                by Paddy Johnson  June 2009

                Columbia University Daily Spectator   A Book About Death

                France 24  
                Cut and Paste: Matthew Rose's Surreal Collages (ABAD)
                by Eve Jackson  August 23, 2011

                Quest Magazine 
                A Book About Death  

                I V Y Paris  (France) 
                A Book About Death  

                Badaude  (France)  
                A Book About Death  
                September 2009

                A Book About Death
                Museu Brasileiro da Escultura 
                MuBE  Sao Paulo, Brasil
                by Angela Ferrara   November 9, 2009

                Newsday   A Book About Death

                Fort Worth Weekly   A Book About Death

                Art Re-Source   A Book About Death

                KHND Radio   A Book About Death

                California Imperial Valley Press   A Book About Death

                Art Blog  
                Book of the Living  (ABAD)
                by Roberta Fallon   November  2009

                Quiet Color  
                A Book About Death at The Emily Harvey Foundation  
                by Marissa Bea  Volume 55  August - September  2009

                Key West Net   A Book About Death

                You Can Take it With You  (ABAD)
                by William Evertson  September  2009

                Paris Art Seen   
                Matthew Rose Inside/Outside of A Book About Death 
                by Jennifer K. Dick   July 2009

                Culture Pundits  
                A Book About Death

                Barry Hoggard and Tom Schreiber

                True/Slant   A Book About Death

                Kaleidoscope (France)  
                Matthew Rose's A Book About Death at The Emlly Harvey Foundation
                by Karen 5.0  September  2009

                Pallimed Arts and Humanities
                A Book About Death
                by Amy Clarkson   August  2011

                Amelia's Magazine (UK)  
                Making Sense of the Non-Sense Matthew Rose (ABAD)
                by Kat Phan   November  2010

                Peter Friedman's Geniocity   A Book About Death

                The Park Cities News   University Park Summer Art 

                Dallas Observer  
                Theatre Gallery in Deep Ellum 
Curated by Scott Matthews

                Austin American Statesman  
                The University of Texas at Austin Student Exhibition

                The Daily Texan  
                The University of Texas at Austin Student Exhibition

                The Daily Campus 
                Southern Methodist University Student Exhibition